About SSS

A Peer-Reviewed Journal for Interdisciplinary Social Science Research

The Social Science Spectrum is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Society for Scientific Aptitude, dedicated to promoting scientific aptitude and liberal education in society. The journal welcomes original contributions from scholars and researchers across the broad spectrum of social sciences, including economics, demography, gender studies, anthropology, political science, sociology, history, and related interdisciplinary fields.

Aim and Scope

The Social Science Spectrum aims to provide a platform for disseminating high-quality research that advances our understanding of the complex dynamics of human societies. The journal encourages submissions that explore diverse perspectives, employ rigorous methodologies, and contribute to the ongoing scholarly discourse in the social sciences.

Submission Guidelines

The Social Science Spectrum welcomes manuscripts that are original, well-researched, and clearly written. Submissions should adhere to the journal's guidelines for formatting and citation style. Manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and relevance of the published material.

Publication Frequency

The Social Science Spectrum is published biannually, with two issues per year.

Editorial Board

The Social Science Spectrum is guided by an esteemed editorial board comprising renowned scholars and experts from various social science disciplines. The editorial board provides valuable guidance on the journal's content and direction.

Open Access

The Social Science Spectrum is committed to making research accessible to a wider audience. All published articles are freely available online under an open access license, ensuring that the journal's contributions to the social sciences reach a global readership.

Call for Submissions

The Social Science Spectrum invites scholars and researchers to submit their original and insightful manuscripts for consideration. The journal welcomes contributions that address a wide range of topics within the social sciences, from theoretical explorations to empirical studies.

Impact and Recognition

The Social Science Spectrum is recognized for its commitment to publishing high-quality research that contributes to the advancement of social science knowledge. The journal is indexed in various academic databases and has gained recognition for its rigorous peer-review process and interdisciplinary scope.

Contribution to the Field

The Social Science Spectrum plays a significant role in fostering scholarly communication and disseminating knowledge across the social sciences. The journal provides a platform for researchers to share their findings, engage with peers, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue that shapes our understanding of human societies.